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       Thin P3.94 Outdoor Rental Series

  • SMD led encapsulation confirm wide view angle, up to 160 degree for horizontal and vertical

  • Special craft finished ensure good waterproof IP65, anti-corrosion and rust-proof

  • Rental design strong configuration die-casting Aluminium Cabinet, easy and quick to assemble without tools in short time and long life time

  • With very simple additional accessories, the standard  cabinet can be used as a dance floor screen

  • Curve cabinet unique design .Testing the product of mosaic technology, Display extraordinary  LED effect and visual perception

  • More stable performance extraordinary brightness, high grey scale, high refresh rate diver IC’s can meet 4k 3840HZ real refresh rate.

Thin P3.94 Outdoor Rental Series
Thin P3.94 Outdoor Rental unit

   Curve Locking System

  • Excellent Curving Capabilities Featuring a Durable Curve Locking   System Supports Concave and Convex Connection to Create Various Shapes and Build a More Creative Stage

  • All-around protection and hassle free installation & maintenance

  • One hand locking operation to reduce the installation timing

Rental led display curved installation
P3.94 Outdoor LEd
Thin P3.94 Outdoor display connection
P3.84-576*576  OUTDOOR LED display
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